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I’m staying on the 3rd floor of my building.

I just kept my wet socks( a pair of 5) in the balcony to dry.

It was a windy time. So, some of my socks were fell down from the balcony.

I went down to check the missing socks but I couldn’t get it.

Then, I went back to my apartment and checked the remaining socks.

I found out that 5 socks were missing.

These 5 socks are not paired with any other socks. & I can’t use this socks no more(no pair).



In real life, if you miss your pair(YOUR LOVE) you are useless.!



–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM


The shark and YOU..!

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In an experiement, a shark was placed into a larger tank of water.

Then, some small fishes were released into the tank.

As expected, the shark swam around and ate all the fishes.

Then a tough piece of fiberglass was inserted into the tank.

Thus creating a division between where the shark and smaller fish.

The shark again went after the fish, but this time it collided into the fiberglass and bounced off.

The shark kept trying again and again.

The fishes on the other side swam peacefully withoiut any fear of getting eaten.

The shark finally gave up.

This experiement was repeated for several weeks.

The shark became less aggressive every single time.

The researchers removed the fiberglass.

To their surprise, the shark stopped attacking the fish because the shark had been trained by habit.

The same happens with us in our lives too.

We face setbacks, failures, rejections and stop trying like the shark in the story.

We think that because we failed in the past it’s foolish to even try again.

We think there are barriers that are much stronger than us and they are stopping us from achieving our dreams.

When in fact, there are no real barriers that can stop you from achieving your dreams and going where you want to go.



-Muthukumar RAMALINGAM

3 traits of successful people.!

First of all the important traits, passion is the most important one whether it might Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Gandhi, …. it goes on.

Second, they know what they want to do. And they hire the best people to help and accomplish their dreams.

Third, what ever goals they have set, they make sure it gets done.

Most important of all they are never afraid to fail as they know everything could be started again.



-Muthukumar RAMALINGAM

Still wait??

I walked,

I reached my office.


I worked,

I gained my credits.



I learned,

I showed my changes in myself.


I talked,

I reached my stage.


I cooked,

I enjoyed my food.


I waited,

My opportunity is still waiting for me.


Don’t wait for anything in your life. !

Your action will create more opportunity.!


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM



Time is Yours..!

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I used to go to play badminton during the weekend at morning time. Most often I accompanied with some of my office friends.

Also, I used to call one of my relative to join our badminton group. But he never interested in playing badminton & not interested in joining our group.

Currently, we are enjoying our summer in our country.  It’s too hot & we can’t even walk outside during the day time.

As usual, One fine day I called my relative to join the badminton, he said that I can’t play any game during the summer time.

I just remembered his last response on winter time.  When I called winter time, he has replied that he can’t play any game any winter time.



Time is a created thing, if you want to play any game, just go out and indulge your time.  Do not wait for summer or winter.


Time is Yours.!


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM

Cat & Rat….!

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I was jogging in the park at evening time. It really boosts my energy and removes my bad mood Every day.

While jogging, I saw a cat in the green field. I stopped my jogging and got an eagerness to watch that cat.  Seems, the cat came for a jogging too :P.

When I return back to my home, I was just remembering my olden days’ story of ‘Cat & Rat(Tom& Jerry)’.

From that story, the rat always thinks that cat would be the strongest animal in the world and never think about other strongest animal(lion, tiger, dog etc.,).

Likewise, in our life, we always think about our immediate managers, our immediate relations, our immediate connections, etc., We forget to think about our biggest success due to these small struggles.

We just need to avoid our immediate struggles and move out, If you move out you would WIN the biggest success.!


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM