Still wait??

I walked,

I reached my office.


I worked,

I gained my credits.



I learned,

I showed my changes in myself.


I talked,

I reached my stage.


I cooked,

I enjoyed my food.


I waited,

My opportunity is still waiting for me.


Don’t wait for anything in your life. !

Your action will create more opportunity.!


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM




Another country is not going celebrating our countries fest. Like wise, our country’s fest is not to be celebrated by other country people.

When you work on the multi-national company,  we can see that massive difference by our eyes in a close-up mode.


I have seen it today.!


-Muthukumar RAMALINGAM

A beautiful answer.!


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What is the meaning of life.?


A beautiful answer: When a person is born he has breath but no name. When he dies, he has a name but no breath.

The gap between this breath and name is LIFE..!


Life is a question which nobody can answer and death is an answer which nobody can question.


‘So enjoy the question till you get the answer.’


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