Mimicry of others.!

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My colleagues are having a lunch at the pantry.  I was a bit late to join the group. That time, one of my friend was talking about myself. Also, my style of speech was imitated by himself. I didn’t an angry at that time. But after a while, when I have recalled the same scene. I felt little bitter.

Because when others copy of our, we would get irritated and annoyed& we would feel like teasing.  Your voice/your tone is fit for you only & not for others.

You can’t eat for others, meanwhile, others can’t eat for you.  You know the way to reach your goal, others can’t walk for you to reach your goal. Try to be yourself & achieve your goal.


— Muthu Kumar RAMALINGAM


Stop the stopping task.!

I was on my way to the metro one evening.

I need to travel around 1 hour to reach my destination.

I have some urgent task which needs to be done at my destination.

But I didn’t go by metro because one of my friends had asked me to wait saying that he would drop me by his car.

So, I was waiting for him in the metro station which is near his car parking area.

I too thought I could reach my destination earlier than by traveling metro & free of cost.

But he was plunged in his work & couldn’t communicate the delay.

I waited for 30 to 40 minutes at the metro station.

He called me after 40 minutes and told me that he will not be able to drop me to today.

I was really pissed at him.

Then I went by metro to my destination.

Also, I missed my task which had to be completed within the day itself. As a result of this, I got too angry on my friend again.!



I just realized that I have to prioritize what is important so that it doesn’t stop my important tasks.


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM

Quote 002..!

I was thinking to write a quote on my blog today.  Suddenly I just remembered one of my friends. He is one of the motivators in my office. Most often, he used to say that ‘When you try it.. you will get it… & you will get it.. when you want it…’

Nice thought & Nice quote..!

–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM

Are you master ?

I know how to speak but I’m not a master in speaking…

I know how to write but I’m not a master in writing…

I know how to sing but I’m not a master in Singing…

I know how to run but I’m not a master in running…

I know how to play but I’m not a master in any games…

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I know.. I know.. I know many things in my life but I never being a master of any activities. But I could see many people who are so brilliant & master in their work.  We can see Sachin for cricket, Michael jordon for basketball, Gandhi for freedom fighter, Mother Teresa for wholehearted free service to the poor people, so on….

After reviewing(Gandhi,Sachin, Teresa..) many people, I had a few questions which flashed in my mind today …

Why are we wasting our time for the non-useful activities?

What do I want to do, to be a master in my life? ??


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM