Time is Yours..!

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I used to go to play badminton during the weekend at morning time. Most often I accompanied with some of my office friends.

Also, I used to call one of my relative to join our badminton group. But he never interested in playing badminton & not interested in joining our group.

Currently, we are enjoying our summer in our country.  It’s too hot & we can’t even walk outside during the day time.

As usual, One fine day I called my relative to join the badminton, he said that I can’t play any game during the summer time.

I just remembered his last response on winter time.  When I called winter time, he has replied that he can’t play any game any winter time.



Time is a created thing, if you want to play any game, just go out and indulge your time.  Do not wait for summer or winter.


Time is Yours.!


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM


Watch your Watch.!

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During my busy schedule at my office, one of my colleagues asked me to check the time on my watch. It was my lunch time and I late to join with other colleagues.

I’m just thinking about my watch that it is working continuously 24*7 hours in a day. and the speed of watch is constant & we can’t change the speed based on our priorities.

But we are busy at sometimes & and idle at sometimes. Happy at sometimes and sad at sometimes. We never maintained & can’t maintain our same mood in this 24*7 hours in a day.


When we busy with our office work or personal work we forgot to check our time. But the watch is never be busy & never forgot to run.!



–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM

Spread good suggestion..!

I had given a suggestion during my team meeting. I thought it might be a very good idea to improve the team’s strength,power,knowledge.,
But my suggestions was not accepted by my manager. Also, I’m not interested to prove my suggestion(I felt bad that not to proved by myself because of the situation). 

I was thinking myself and my mind started saying that ‘don’t worry Muthu your manager don’t have an capability to accept your ideas’.
Likewise in your life, some of your suggestion has not been accepted by someone. But the same good suggestion has accepted by someone and got more benefits.

If you have good innovative ideas try to spread and get good results.

Don’t depends on only one persons, please store in your mind that ‘world is not depends only few persons’.
–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM.

A cost for the time..!


I was waiting at a bus stop to catch the bus. The bus stop made me think about the cost of the ticket.

Most of the people would think that the value of the ticket cost based on the vehicle maintenance, fuel, driver’s salary, etc.,

But my thinking was little different than others that the value of the ticket cost is based on saving your time.

If you spend more cost for your travel, you would be saving more time in your life.

Eg: – If you go by flight(more cost) you would be reached your destination very shortly. Meanwhile, if you go by train(less cost) you would take more time to reach your destination.

(Note: we can’t go by flight to all the places. this is just an example 😛 )

So the cost of the ticket is cost of your precious & valuable time

–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM

Is it possible ?

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During my travel time, I could see a lot of people in my bus and train. But all the strangers are not my relative. We have very less opportunity to make them as a relation of our life Some relationship will longer for short time and some of the relationships will continue until the end of life. Sometimes I used to think that how can I make all these people as my friends in life.

Is it possible? No, It’s not possible. you can make them as a friend of your life. But they want to accept as a friend of their life.

That is LIFE..!

–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM