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While walking across an open, grassy field, I became so energetic.  Because the whole park occupied by the world’s most active people. Yes, you are right.! Park filled with children. Children were running, playing, crying, etc.,

But all are very active.!


Likewise, When we were a child, we were so active&energetic.!

But have you ever thought that ‘how did we lose our activeness in our life?’


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM


Don’t blame..!


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One of my friends came to my place and saying that ‘he was so happy today that he got a promotion’. I too congratulated him for his achievement in his career life.


When he left from my place I was thinking that, when you are in a happy mood, you will see everything in a happy mood & happy face. Although, when you are in sad, you would see everything in a sad moment.  It is based on you & your situation.


But you are the responsible for your current state(happy/sad) & We don’t have a rights to blame on anyone in our LIFE.. Decide and act upon it…



–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM



Give a break…!

Today, Our office applications are down due to annual maintenance. So we didn’t have much work. All of our colleagues are happy that they got a free time in office.

Initially we got a communication that the application would work after 5’o (P.M) clock. But we got an another mail that the maintenance extended to next day (till morning 10’o clock).

We were happy again after seeing that mail. 
Likewise, we could face many struggles in our day to day lives. But why don’t we give a break to our lives to explore new places and enjoy( like the annual maintenance for the application in my organization) ! 

–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM 

You life is the moving car in a traffic..!

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While driving a car, we change the gear at the right time depending on the traffic on the road.

Why not change our temperament to suit the situation we face,

we take alternative route if no way to go ahead,

why not take a step back and compromise in life instead of being adamant,

we drive with speed on a clear road,

Similarly, life moves fast when there are no obstacles. Drive safe & carefully when you are in difficult times.!

–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM

Are you master ?

I know how to speak but I’m not a master in speaking…

I know how to write but I’m not a master in writing…

I know how to sing but I’m not a master in Singing…

I know how to run but I’m not a master in running…

I know how to play but I’m not a master in any games…

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I know.. I know.. I know many things in my life but I never being a master of any activities. But I could see many people who are so brilliant & master in their work.  We can see Sachin for cricket, Michael jordon for basketball, Gandhi for freedom fighter, Mother Teresa for wholehearted free service to the poor people, so on….

After reviewing(Gandhi,Sachin, Teresa..) many people, I had a few questions which flashed in my mind today …

Why are we wasting our time for the non-useful activities?

What do I want to do, to be a master in my life? ??


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM


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One incident happened during my office hours. I asked my teammate to help on one of the priority tasks which was assigned by the team manager. Also, I was new to that task.

But my teammate refused to help me at that time as she was on another task. If she helps for 5 min, I would have complete my whole task in a short time.

After a few minute, my team manager assigned some task to her. It was a low priority task.

But she completed that task and informed my team manager.

Just I was looking at her and realizing that priorities based on the people who is more valuable to them.


Meantime in our real life, we refused to take care of our parents, but we are the first priority to our parents.



–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM

I & You & Everyone..!

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Rain. Rain..,

I like rain,

You like rain,

But not everyone like rain.!


I can go to one place,

You can go to one place,

But not everyone can go to all the place.!


I can pray for my god,

You can pray for your god,

But not everyone can pray all the gods.!


I car drive a car,

You can drive a car,

But not everyone can drive a car.!



I’m going to office,

You are going to office,

But not everyone going to office.!



I have good dress,

You have good dress,

But not everyone have the good dress.!



I don’t have an hunger,

You don’t have hunger,

But some of the people always in hunger.!



I can eat food,

You can eat food,

But everyone not ready to make/create the food.!



I’m not a writer,

You are not a writer,

But not everyone as a writer.!



I’m in depressed mood,

You are in depressed mood,

But not everyone is not in depressed mood.!


It continues….. On each and every things.. Till the world alive..!


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM