Forgot the name.. but… good deeds..


After a long time, I met one of my friend(metro friend) in the metro. I have seen him one or two times.  There is a story behind our friendship.

One fine day, I was going to office by metro. My commute time approximately 40 minutes(I need to pass 15 stops to reach my office station).

After the 4th stop, the train was ready to leave from the platform. The door was closed automatically & one of the passenger’s finger stuck with the door.  The train moved from the station as well. The passenger was not able to get her finger out from the door and cried so much because of pain.

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My friend(metro friend) went near to the passenger and tried to help out, but he was failed. Immediately he called the metro police and arranged the ambulance for the passenger.

Next stop, the door was opened and my friend helped the passenger. The passenger’s finger was filled with blood.  Meantime, Police & ambulance arrived in that stop and able to give first-aid.


After that incident,  I thanked him for that incident/help to that passenger. Also, we introduced each other.


I haven’t seen him many days. Recently I have seen him in the metro but I forget his name. I was just trying to remember his name but I failed.  I can able to visualize that incident only.


Likewise, In our real life, We used to forget the name of some heroes but our mind is not programmed to forget their good deeds.


Do the Good Deeds and get the name of good deeds.



–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM


Working in the sky.!

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My office located in the 22nd floor. The view from my office is really awesome.  One side is sea visible, while on other sides big buildings are visible.

Office building management used to clean the window once a year. So the most of the time the windows are covered with dust & dirt.

Today, I have seen few workers hanging on the building and cleaning the window frame by microfiber cloth.

I have seen many workers hanging on different buildings. But this is the first time I’m seeing them very closely from my office. When I saw those workers, my mind was thinking that how these people are working so hard for others to have a look at perfect views & giving a new look to the building.

Likewise, why are we not trying to help others to achieve a good position(outside view) in their life?

Try to help others & be someone’s sunshine today & those who brings the sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves..!

–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM