Are you master ?

I know how to speak but I’m not a master in speaking…

I know how to write but I’m not a master in writing…

I know how to sing but I’m not a master in Singing…

I know how to run but I’m not a master in running…

I know how to play but I’m not a master in any games…

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I know.. I know.. I know many things in my life but I never being a master of any activities. But I could see many people who are so brilliant & master in their work.  We can see Sachin for cricket, Michael jordon for basketball, Gandhi for freedom fighter, Mother Teresa for wholehearted free service to the poor people, so on….

After reviewing(Gandhi,Sachin, Teresa..) many people, I had a few questions which flashed in my mind today …

Why are we wasting our time for the non-useful activities?

What do I want to do, to be a master in my life? ??


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM


Get pain & forward.!

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There are two types of pain in this world.

  1. PAIN that hurts you.
  2. PAIN that changes you.

When I was doing my exercise in the gym, I saw a girl who is so fat. So I Just went to speak with her.

I asked that ‘How are you doing ?’. She replied that ‘I’m ok Muthu’.

After a few minutes of talk, I got to know her pain of being a fatty person. But she never loses hope on reducing her weight.

She faced all the two type of PAIN in her day to day life.

She knows that her exercise will hurt her a lot. But, the same exercise(PAIN) would reduce her weight & make a very fit person.

Get pain & move forward..!


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM

How was your day.. ?

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I was ready to take my dinner for the day. My dinner plate filled by few items which has the taste of sweet, bitter, spicy, salty, etc.,

But all the items are placed in only in a plate.

Mean time, I was telling the story to my parents that what was happened today at my office & during my journey & with my friends..

So my mind has started to compare this dinner time with our day to day *Life*.

A complete day (24 Hrs) can give the distinct expression of everyone’s Life. We would be happy for few minutes & some times we feel that very sad & dull. Sometimes we receives good news from someone. & Sometimes we receives very bad news too.

But did you note that, all the expressions could be expressed only by our face.


So, Keep your face always in a laughing mode..!


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM