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One incident happened during my office hours. I asked my teammate to help on one of the priority tasks which was assigned by the team manager. Also, I was new to that task.

But my teammate refused to help me at that time as she was on another task. If she helps for 5 min, I would have complete my whole task in a short time.

After a few minute, my team manager assigned some task to her. It was a low priority task.

But she completed that task and informed my team manager.

Just I was looking at her and realizing that priorities based on the people who is more valuable to them.


Meantime in our real life, we refused to take care of our parents, but we are the first priority to our parents.



–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM


A cost for the time..!


I was waiting at a bus stop to catch the bus. The bus stop made me think about the cost of the ticket.

Most of the people would think that the value of the ticket cost based on the vehicle maintenance, fuel, driver’s salary, etc.,

But my thinking was little different than others that the value of the ticket cost is based on saving your time.

If you spend more cost for your travel, you would be saving more time in your life.

Eg: – If you go by flight(more cost) you would be reached your destination very shortly. Meanwhile, if you go by train(less cost) you would take more time to reach your destination.

(Note: we can’t go by flight to all the places. this is just an example ­čśŤ )

So the cost of the ticket is cost of your precious & valuable time

–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM