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While walking across an open, grassy field, I became so energetic.  Because the whole park occupied by the world’s most active people. Yes, you are right.! Park filled with children. Children were running, playing, crying, etc.,

But all are very active.!


Likewise, When we were a child, we were so active&energetic.!

But have you ever thought that ‘how did we lose our activeness in our life?’


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM



Songs = My older days..!

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On Saturday I received an audio message from my childhood friend through WhatsApp.

I opened WhatsApp and downloaded the audio message. The audio message was my favorite song.  I used to sing that song Quite a lot during my childhood days. Whenever I hear that song,  I would remember my old days.

I forwarded the same audio message to another friend. I got a reply from him that ‘Still, this is your favorite song?’

In our life, some songs play a major role and allow us to go back to our golden days & help us to remember our unforgettable moments.

I’m writing this blog with my favorite song playing in the background.! 🙂

–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM