Give a break…!

Today, Our office applications are down due to annual maintenance. So we didn’t have much work. All of our colleagues are happy that they got a free time in office.

Initially we got a communication that the application would work after 5’o (P.M) clock. But we got an another mail that the maintenance extended to next day (till morning 10’o clock).

We were happy again after seeing that mail. 
Likewise, we could face many struggles in our day to day lives. But why don’t we give a break to our lives to explore new places and enjoy( like the annual maintenance for the application in my organization) ! 

–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM 


Break/Tea time..!

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I spent 12 years in my school & four years in college.  College/School life is one of the most important and enjoyable moments in everyone’s life. But, some people were missed to live those moments and they are the unluckiest fellows in the world.

During my college/school time, many of the things/stories have happened which was the golden memories of my life. Some stories were placed in inside the school/college campus. some of the stories placed on the campus.

But I can surely say that  Some of the stories were much stronger which has happened on the outside campus rather than inside campus. We used to go out for cinemas, spending time with friends during class hours, fighting with other college students, etc.,

Likewise, I have completed 5 years in my company. While working time, I used to go out for a coffee break with my friends. We used to talk a lot & fighting each other.

when I tried to recollect the office time in my life, I could remember only those fighting moments/memories which have happened outside the office campus(Break/Teatime).

–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM