Stop the stopping task.!

I was on my way to the metro one evening.

I need to travel around 1 hour to reach my destination.

I have some urgent task which needs to be done at my destination.

But I didn’t go by metro because one of my friends had asked me to wait saying that he would drop me by his car.

So, I was waiting for him in the metro station which is near his car parking area.

I too thought I could reach my destination earlier than by traveling metro & free of cost.

But he was plunged in his work & couldn’t communicate the delay.

I waited for 30 to 40 minutes at the metro station.

He called me after 40 minutes and told me that he will not be able to drop me to today.

I was really pissed at him.

Then I went by metro to my destination.

Also, I missed my task which had to be completed within the day itself. As a result of this, I got too angry on my friend again.!



I just realized that I have to prioritize what is important so that it doesn’t stop my important tasks.


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM