Achieve the desired aim or result..!

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One of my colleagues resigned his job. He had a reason that his impetus was to follow the passion of doing business, he used to talk about business with our colleagues.

We congratulated for his passion. and hoped that he would have reached the peak of his business venture. A few months later, we came to know that he was struggling a lot to achieve his success on business.

Also, One of my other friends resigned his job recently. But we all warned him that not to leave his job. Even so, he left his job.  He started his business in his native place, earned a lot and succeeded in his passion which was doing business.

Both of them very active in my organization and had the ability to run their business. But one of them failed.

Likewise, we always have the fear of failure and do not think about success. We get de-motivated by ourselves because of some incidents like the one mentioned above. As well, we are spreading our de-motivation to others instead of motivating.


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM

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