I & You & Everyone..!

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Rain. Rain..,

I like rain,

You like rain,

But not everyone like rain.!


I can go to one place,

You can go to one place,

But not everyone can go to all the place.!


I can pray for my god,

You can pray for your god,

But not everyone can pray all the gods.!


I car drive a car,

You can drive a car,

But not everyone can drive a car.!



I’m going to office,

You are going to office,

But not everyone going to office.!



I have good dress,

You have good dress,

But not everyone have the good dress.!



I don’t have an hunger,

You don’t have hunger,

But some of the people always in hunger.!



I can eat food,

You can eat food,

But everyone not ready to make/create the food.!



I’m not a writer,

You are not a writer,

But not everyone as a writer.!



I’m in depressed mood,

You are in depressed mood,

But not everyone is not in depressed mood.!


It continues….. On each and every things.. Till the world alive..!


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM

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