Selfie world…?

We could meet a lot of strangers in our day to day life.

Some strangers are very kind, lovable and some of them are not a kind person & totally arrogant. I noticed some the incidents which were happened in the last week.

One of the incident that, I have seen one guy who has donated some of his dresses to charity.  In a group conversation, he used to say that he was donated the dress to charity people.

One of the other incidents happened in a temple on last Saturday. After my prayer, I was waiting in a queue to get the food(Offerings from the temple).  I was seeing a child who helped some old people to step out from the stairs at a temple. But this child never used to say that I was the one who helped them.

One more incident which was happened at my office. My friend used to help others by giving money. He is one of the well-settled person my company. But he never revealed by himself that he was helping others.!

One of my friends has the car. He used to drop my another friend by his car to office. He is the nice person But, he always used to say that he is the one who used to help him to reach the office.

The World is not looking a selfie people. But the selfie people looking a selfie world.

–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM


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