Correct yourself ..?

I was ready to catch the public bus to reach my office.

I hurried to catch the bus as I was late. Before locking the door of my house, I just looked myself in the mirror and found that my face is not clean and untidy.

So, I went to the washroom to clean my face. After cleaning my face, again I went to see my face in the mirror. Now, I could see that my face is very clean & neat. But I can sure that, I should miss the bus for the day. So, I planned to go by next bus.

Meanwhile, I had a great question in my mind that when you see your faults in yourself, why don’t you try to correct yourself ??
We need someone to notify our faults like a mirror & but it’s our responsibility to correct our faults by ourselves than others.

Also, others(Mirror) can easily point out our faults than ourselves. Get the faults and rectify the faults
–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM


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