Your soul is the greatest perfume..!

What a coincidence today…

I went to purchase perfume in super market. I smelled& checked few perfumes. At last, i selected a good one and back to my room.

As soon as reached, I switched on television to watch news of the day.

One of the news that the greatest politician(J.Jayalalitha)  passed away due to cardiac attack.
While watching this news, my mind started to compare this new perfume to politician’s dead body.


After a while , I realized that our soul is one of the expensive perfume.  

Yes, If you don’t have a soul in your body it would emit the bad smell and no one ready to keep our soulless body (perfume less) on this earth ever.

Out soul is the one of the greatest & expensive gift. Try to keep this gift as much as safely. 

–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM


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