Why others staring ?


I was talking with my friend, I know him very well. He told me a story about him that when he enters into office pantry area or any office meetings or some crowded place, he felt shy and would  look down or  act like using his mobile phone. Also, he felt that everyone was staring at him with a terror look.

One day, I went along with him to the pantry and asked him to look up to see those strangers straight into their eyes which would avoid his issues. But he bowed his head and didn’t look up.  I insisted him again that just look at their faces so that you would not have any inferiority complex. But he told me that he is not interested to see their faces.

After a moment, he started to look at those stranger’s faces. But, when he started looking at their face, he noticed that no one stared at him & everyone was doing their work without noticing him.

In fact, He learned from that situation and realized that no need of being shy.
Similarly, in our life, we are assuming that suffering, distress, misery, hardships are part of our life.  But, those will vanish when we are ready to face those moments.

–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM


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