Story became a story..!

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During my college time, I had a wonderful professor who taught me a good lesson in his lecture time. It should be followed by everyone in their life. That time It was like a funny story but the same story taught me a good lesson now.

My professor came to my class and he was not interested in teaching on that day. So he planned to play a game with us. So he took a student who sits in the 1st row, to the outside of the classroom.

Professor told the story to him and came back to the classroom. And the 1st student was standing outside the classroom. Professor called the 2nd person and told him to go outside and get the story from 1st person.

Likewise, the story flows from 1st student of the class to the last student of the class. Finally, my professor called the last student on the dais to tell the story to everyone.

He started to telling the story that ‘ King name is Raja and he is a very good person’.

But the professor asked him to continue the story till the last. But, the student told that he got only this information from the another student.

But the real story was, ‘There was a king whose name is Raja and stayed with his wife who is Rani. Raja is not a good person. He used to torture people by his laws & taxes.  All the people are frustrated with his rules and hated him a lot, etc,…’ .  The story goes for 3 to 4 minutes.

But the story was literally reduced in one line because of 70 students in our class.

We all laughed.!

My professor continued that ‘likewise, you can face the same problem in your life. Lack of listening, lack of misunderstanding, lack of miscommunication which would cause a great issue in your life.’

Take your own time to analyze the real issue and try to get rid of that issue.!



–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM

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