What is good things??

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I was talking with my friend today. during our conversation, we had a topic about good things and bad things.

Suddenly I asked her that ‘what is a good thing in your point of view ?’

She replied that ‘Muthu if you are trying to help others from your inner heart. But because of your current situation, you haven’t able to do it. This has been noted by god and it was accomplished successfully as per god’s point of view because of your good things on others.’

She nodded at me and continued again that ‘In a similar way If you are deciding to disturb others on your mind  but you didn’t disturb them. But this bad thing was stored in your mind deeply also god has noted these things. As per god’s sake you would get the severe same punishment of disturbing others because of  your bad things on others.’


Nice person..! && Nice Explanation..!


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM


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