Any Truth or Lie?

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There was an incident today. My friend was waiting in my regular bus stop. I called to his phone and asked him that ‘Where are you, my friend?’.

He told me that  he was going to reach some another stop which is little far from my regular bus stop. But was watching him from my balcony. Actually, he lied to me and he was standing at the same stop.

Finally, I went to near to him and teased that where is the next stop ?

If I believe that what he said to me then that would be truth for me(I hope he would say only truth).

Similarly, in real life, there is no ‘truth or lie’ in your LIFE everything based on your illusion.

If someone says any believable things to you then that is truth for you else it would be Lie for you(which is not believable to you).!


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM



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