Nice Coffee..!

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Went to a coffee shop along with my friend today which is near to my office area. This shop is new to the area. I was eager to go to this coffee shop. So, I told my friend that I have got an offer in Beam(It’s a mobile application for offers around the city), which can be redeemed in the coffee shop.

We reached the shop and ordered coffee. The waitress asked us that ‘Would you like any flavor toppings for your coffee ?’. I went for caramel flavor for my hot coffee and my friend went for hazelnut for his cold coffee. I thought the topping is free of cost.

Before paying my bill, I was trying to show my beam offer. But the mobile application got hanged up and I could not able to open the application. Meantime, coffee was prepared and it was ready to serve along with the bill. Unfortunately, we couldn’t cancel this order.

I was shocked when I saw the bill which was too expensive than normal coffee. Also, they added extra cost for that toppings.

We paid the amount for our coffee and left the place to sit on the coffee table. We guys were looking at each other and laughing.

Nice day & Nice Lesson.!

From this story, I can suggest that, before going to any new place, you should analyze and get to know about that place.


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM


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