Insist Others..!

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One of my friends(Kar) has a yearly membership on fitness first(Gymnasium). The membership is expensive than other local gyms as the standard international. He has the keen interest to spent his an hour in a day at the gym. But, he never went to the gym on regular basis. He has an excuse for doing a workout on every day.

One of my other friends(Prak) notices his behavior and made fun of him that he has donated his money for the GYM. Also, he used to say that ‘If I had a membership on fitness first, I would have to go to the gym on every day and wouldn’t waste my money without going to gym.

6 months later, my other friend(Prak) got a membership for 1 year in the same gym. He went to the gym on every day for the first 2 months. I was happy about this guy because of his commitment towards workout on every day. But, 2 months later, he gradually lost his interest in going to the gym and visited only twice in a week. Now, he remembered his word what he said to my 1st friend(Kar).

It’s very easy to talk the talk, But can you walk the walk??


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM


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