Changes Never Change..!

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One of my friends told me that he didn’t know how to speak gently with other people. I know him that he is a nice and usually straightforward person also he is a short temper. Because of that people are not interested in speaking with him.

Also, his face looks like very rough and being a drunkard but he never touched liquor in his life. He has a big story that he had promised with his lover that he won’t drink any alcohol in his life except one day after his marriage(that was a big story…).  He helped a lof of people during their difficult times.

I haven’t seen him many days. Recently, I saw him in a shopping mall and was asked about his current life. He said that he is enjoying his current life without any tension and he liked to be an introvert rather than extrovert.

I haven’t expected this response from him as  he was very helpful and a kind person. Something has happened in his life for these type of changes. Also, I haven’t got an interest to ask more question about his life changeable tragedy.

I had a thought in my mind that ‘Changes never change in everyone’s life…’


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM




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