On time..!

Image result for running after bus

The bus is my best companion to travel around the place within my city. Morning time I used to take a public bus to reach my office. Most often, the bus would reach my bus stop on time.

I faced a lot of conflict time between the bus and myself. I missed catching the regular time bus today as I was a bit late to my bus stop. I saw the bus when it was crossed my stop. I could see the bus but I couldn’t catch the bus.

We can compare our life with this missed bus. We know everything to achieve our goal on time but we never tried to take our steps on time to achieve it. We are always late or we are always finding the reason for our success but never finding the cause for failure on time..!
You would not get back your missing time in your life, try to use your time in on time.

Wasting time is not in on time..!

–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM

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