No chat & No Interest..!

Image result for not interested face

While chatting with our friends, Sometimes they just reply with one word like ‘Yes,No,Ok,hmmm,etc.,’. That means they are not interested in continuing the conversation with us or he/she was immersed with other problems.

Recently I chat with my friend and asked the suggestion for my problem. I was expecting a valuable suggestion from him as he is one of my best friends. But he replied that ‘Ok Muthu..’. I understand his situation and diverted the topic by asking other interesting questions. Still, he is not given a proper reply back. So, I went to his desk to check that why he is not replying properly.

He directly said that ‘Muthu, I am not interested in chatting with you as of now so can you come later’.  I left from his place and remembered the chatting word (which reflected his uninterest in chat).

Earlier –> Face is the index of the mind.

Now –> Chatting text is the index of others situation.


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM


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