Don’t lose..!

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My company announced 5 days holiday for the localities fest. We are so excited and had a plan to spend our holidays in a useful ways.

My roommates suggested a long drive in a car and a physical activity on each day. So I’ve suggested badminton game for 2 hours in a park which is near to my room.

This park is very small, elegant also this park is newly built by the government. Every day, we played in that park  with a heavy sweat. Literally, we had taken a shower in sweating.

But one day, we forgot to take the badminton cork box from the park. None of us haven’t remembered the cork whole day. Next day evening, we were ready to go to the park but the cork is missing. We are fighting each other and blaming each other.

Similarly, when we lose anything in your life, we will not remember those precious things until you need it for the next time..!

Don’t lose a love on/for others..!


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM


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