I’m waiting..!

Image result for young to old couple

When I got into the metro train, I could see few of good looking girls in the same compartment. After a few stops, they got down from the metro.

So, their empty places were occupied by the old couples in another station. Seems, they were new to this city and had come for a vacation trip.

Initially, I was thinking that the life is mixed with the good & bad moments. Few minutes before, I saw some young & good looking people. But now, I could able to see old people in the same compartment. The  life will not be static.

After a few seconds, I was realizing myself that, life will not wait for anyone. As of today, You looks like a very young and energetic person. But one day, you would be an old person and the day is waiting for you/everyone.


So live your life happy as much as you can…!



–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM


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