Unwanted Message..!

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Sometimes, I used to forward some important message to others without any investigation or inquiry. Recently, I forwarded one message to my friend that the government announced public holiday to all the private sectors for some reason. So we would get a leave on tomorrow. I forwarded that message to my friend. But the news was not real, it’s fake.

Next day, I met the same friend in my office in a group of people. He teased me that this guy always forwarding a fake news to other. That time, I was humiliated and took a firm decision that  not to send or forward any message to him.

As well, I was realizing my faults that I have to send only a real/meaningful message to others instead of unwanted messages.( So, I’ve involved in a deep investigation on any messages before sending to others). Good to investigate…!


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM

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