Ou(t)r albums..!


I met one of my old friend last week. He came to my room to spent his weekend. I had known him more than a decade. We both living away from my home country.

I showed him some of my photos on my phone. Those are recent photos and not older than 2 years. Also, he showed me some of the photos from his phone.

After a while, he told some old stories of my native place which brought me to my golden days.

10 years ago, We had a very few photographer in my native place. Also, each function was celebrated grandeur. Those functions were captured by these photographers. All those photos are the memorable moment of everyone’s life.

Whenever any relative comes to my home,  we had a habit of showing our family album,function albums, marriage albums to our guest/relatives.

Similarly, whenever we go to the relative house we used to see their albums.

We had a very few & countable photo in those albums and it’s like a treasured happy memories which last forever.

But, this current world generation taking billions of photos every day but no one ready to see those taken photos. As well, they don’t have time to see their photos on the second time…!
–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM.

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