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Many people would wait for someone’s facial gesture and a small greetings ‘Hi.. or Hey..’

I have waited so long for one person’s gesture. She is my supervisor in my organisation. I used to greets everyone who crossing my way in the morning time. But whenever I tried to wish her in the morning time she refused my eye contact.

One day, she wished me that ‘Good Morning Muthu..!’. But I haven’t listened to her wishes that time. A few minutes later, She messaged me in an office communicator that she greeted me morning time but I didn’t listen to her wishes. Then I conveyed my sorry to her.

Really it was good day.! After that incident, she used to wish me often and became a good friend of mine.

People are acting like they are not listening to your activities. But they are noticing each and every activity of others..!


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM


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