Watch strap..!

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Accidently, A few days ago my watch strap has broken off into 2 pieces. So, I had a plan to change this strap in a branded watch shop.  But one of my friends insisted me to check in the local street shop(To save some money).

So, I started my searching to get the new straps.  I found some shops in watch making street which is 1k.m away from my building. Also, I thought to check not to only one shops as I eagerly wanted good straps. I went to see some straps in one of the shops and asked the rate of the watch strap which I liked most and it’s very attractive too.

But the shop-keeper prized me more than what I expected. So, I had a plan to move another shop to get the strap.

After checking 5 to 6 shops, I got very good straps to my watch which I wanted to get.

In this incident, I have learned few things that we have many options to get what we want to get.

Also, If my first plan fails, I have an another plan to accomplish my goals to get success. Not to lose hope with your failed plans.


Try.. Try.. Try.. until your goals get succeed(until getting the good watch straps).



–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM


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