Acting Actors..!

Accidently, I watched one of my close friend’s activity today.  I could able to see his behavior varies from person to person.

When he speaks with female colleagues his speaking style is very sensitive. he is trying to express his lovely words. His warm and big smile exploded on his face.


But, when he speaks with male colleagues his speaking style is not a sensitive talk and it’s very rough. I haven’t seen any smile and interest on his face when he talks with male colleagues.


When he speaks with any of his supervisors he has a silly laugh on his face. Also, he has the nervous mode slightly.


When he talks with his child through phone, he is speaking like a child.


Although, whenever he talks with other people  his  behavior, slang, attractive talks were changed based on the people.


I was thinking about the guy and comparing other people with him. Yes,we are all actors based on the situation/people.

But we are not paid for our acting..!



–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM


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