Torn the written paper…!


When I feel stressed myself or unconsciously thinking about something then I used to take a pencil and small piece of blank paper to write. I used to write that what I was thinking and what makes me feel stressed. I felt  myself that it gives me a great relaxation when I wrote it on that paper.

Recently, I forced to move from one team to another team in my organization. I didn’t have the interest to move to another team. Because I liked that previous team, team people, nature of my work and finally, this was my first team in my career and organizational life.

But the management team moved me to another team without my concerns.During that time, I was too stressed and not interested to go to the office. I started to hate of all of my colleagues as they were not given a good opinion about me to the management team. I felt bad about myself & embarrassed to meet other people in my office. Also, literally I avoided all people at the meeting, pantry, working places.

During that time, I needed a person to tell about my situation to get relaxed and divert my mind on other things. Those stress thoughts are placed on my deep mind and started to think again and again about team changes,bad opinions, etc., Suddenly I got an idea that, ‘Why can’t I try to write it on paper that what I was thinking’.

So, If I want to scold any person, I would take a piece of paper and pencil then start to write bad/violent words about him/her. But when I start to write about someone or somethings, I could able to write faster for first 5 minutes, then gradually my writing speed would be reduced. Finally, I couldn’t get words to write about him/her(because all were written already).  After that, I felt much relaxed and kept my mind clear and clean.

Also, I used to tear the written paper once i written everything about him/her.



You can try by yourselves as well.!

–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM

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