Hope in raffle draw..!

One friend of mine used to buy many raffles draw tickets whenever he gets the chance. He is too fascinated to participate in all the competition ( which has the prize of money).

I know this guy more than 4 years. He is my colleagues. He allocates some amount his monthly salary to buy quarterly & yearly raffle draw tickets.

But the LUCK still didn’t turn the face on him. I asked him that ‘why are you spending so much of amount for your luck? Don’t you believe in yourself ?’

He replied that “Muthu,  I know 90% of chances are less to win in those raffles. But my full hope on that 10% which will spark on one day. I’m never going to give up myself until that day. I will try as much as I can. We have to try try try until we get the precious things to your life, but not only in the RAFFLES…”


Nice to talk with that guy.!
–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM


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