Broadcast1- Adjustment ..!


Have you every noticed that the travel with our friends in a picnic or mall or beach or anywhere,

Some friends could change the day as a memorable day of yours.

Some people never interested to be a part of our group but we never allowed them to leave.

In some case, we are ready to remove some people from our group but they haven’t been ready to leave the group.

Unique faces reflect the uniqueness in everything. But we have to adjust and adapt with others. When we weren’t ready to accept others mistakes in the same group, we should see many fights, resentment,anger and fury on others and it would affect our mental health too.


*All failure is failure to adapt, All success is successful adaptation…*


Our ancestor taught us one of the great lessons as ‘Adjustment’ which will lead to living a perfect life.!



–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM

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