Fault from others…!

One of my roommates used to snore when he sleeps. He came to my room for the replacement of another roommate 5months before.

I noticed him for few months and one day I told him that, ‘Hi bro, you are snoring a lot when you asleep.This might will affect your health Why don’t you consult with a doctor’.

But he got extremely angry and started arguing with me that he never snored and I unnecessarily pointing a finger at him.

And I told him to check with other roommates who also confirmed that he was snoring a lot.

This is a normal story and it’s revealing that Others could see more faults,more mistakes, more strength on you than you think about yourselves. But you have to accept the faults if it feels acceptable.


So try to get the feedback from others and think about it..!



–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM

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