What’s the use?



Recently, one friend of mine got a new credit card from some known bank. He is relatively new to a credit card. Also, he didn’t have much knowledge of the payment date,statement date,charges,fees,etc., on the credit card.

He used his credit card for all of his purchase as much as possible.

A few days later, he received the e-statement of his credit card by mail. He was shocked when he look at the finance charges and late payment fee charges.

Immediately, he made a phone call to the customer care of credit card section. He requested to revert back the charges on credit card. But the customer care rejected  his plea and told him to pay the amount as per statement.

Finally,he paid the extra charges and completely cancelled the credit card.



It reveals some truth from the above story that when you don’t have an idea about new challenges or anything new to implement, then before that just check with our ancestor. Experienced people could give a fabulous idea ..!

(But credit card has lot of offers and other benefits too)


So, USE how it has to be used & don’t over utilize it…!


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM


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