A little 2 weeks ago, I drove a car towards my room. while driving, I saw my friend who is directing to the bus stop. She is my colleague and I know her very well.So I stopped my car near to her and told her that I could drop you near to the metro station.

Usually, She used to take the bus from my office bus stop to reach metro station. She needs to travel 30 minutes in a metro to reach her destination.

She hesitated  and told that ‘No, it’s ok Muthu. I’m waiting for a bus and I can go by bus to the metro station. See you tomorrow’.

But I lied her that I am going by the same route of the metro station. So I could drop you near the metro station.(actually, I have to direct to the opposite side)

Finally, She gets into my car and I dropped her near to the metro station. Then continued my journey to my room. But this route was unfamiliar to me and I was travelling almost more than 30 mins to get the renowned route of my way. Because of that, i was late to cinema which was planned by my roommates.

My roommates were too angry on that day, So they requested to sponsor the dinner to everyone for late to cinema.!


What a great day.!



–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM.



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