Common name..!


A few days ago, one of my friend’s grandfather died due to a heart attack.  All of his family members felt of distress caused by his grandfather’s loss.

I went to see his grandfather’s final rights. I noticed that there are almost more than 1000+ people gathered for this sad occasion. One person from that crowd asked that ‘When will you take the BODY to the graveyard? ‘. One more person suggested that ‘Don’t keep the BODY long time at home’. The name of ‘Body’ caught by my ears and keep on thought about it…


I realized that moment, our name is valid until we alive.!


mom/dad used to call us by a cute name of what they think,

lover used to call by the loving name of what she/he thinks,

friends used to call by the naughty name of what she/he thinks.. and so on..

But all has an EXPIRY date and it would be valid until we alive.


One day we would be all called by the common name of ‘Dead body’ which doesn’t have any religion,no caste,no upward class, no downward class,etc., ..!




—Muthukumar RAMALINGAM


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