Adjust yourself…!


There were three friends stayed together in one room. The room is affordable for 3 persons but it’s not more comfortable that much. So each of them decided to vacate one person among them. But no one interested to leave a room.

During that time, one famous saint visited  in their  village. Three friends had a chance to met a saint, also they have explained the situation of room size and the issue of each of them. Saint understood the situation of these people and gave one big rock to place it inside their room for 21 days.  These 3 people were thought that this would be the magic stone and it will cure their problems. So they kept that stone inside their room.

They struggled a lot to stay in that room with a big rock.

The saint came back 21 days later to the village, these 3 people took out the stone from home and return back to the saint.

Saint looked over this guys and said that only one word to them as ‘Adjust yourself’.

These guys came back to their room and now they realized that the room was so spacious without the stone and more comfortable. And they understood the saint word of ‘Adjust yourself’.

So try to adjust yourself in your difficult times mean time try to find out the next step to leave from current worries..!




–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM



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