Sorry to Sorry…!


During the month of Ramadan, i used to go by bus to my room from office as the office working time is only 6hrs also one of the reason was less traffic on a road.

Few colleges are nearby my office so sometimes college students could use the same bus.

Most of the time this bus mingled with college students and office goers. During the incident day, I got the bus from my office bus stop @5:20. The bus reached the next stop. some of the office goers and some college students got into the bus.

As we know that, college students are always naughty& brisk when they are out from college. But these students were shouting inside the bus and making too much of noises by loud music on their mobile phones.

After a few minutes, One of the lady got frustrated with those students activities. She  got up from her seat and started yelling at those college students that ‘We completed schools and colleges just like you. we could understand your feelings- meantime you have to understand the working people situation, how they are frustrated with their work and how they are struggling in their life. They need peace at least in this bus for few minutes’ then she went back to her seat.

Some students realised, went to her seat and told their apology(Sorry madam,sorry mam…) for making noises.


Meantime, The lady conveyed her ‘Sorry ‘ to those students for getting angry against them.


Nice students..! Nice lady..! Nice Travel…! Nice Lesson..!


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM


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