Wanna be…

During my wonderful conversation with my friends/colleagues, I usually raise a normal question that ‘what do you wanna be in future ?’

Their answers are,

I wanna be a millionaire…

I wanna be a manager…

I wanna be a good position in my life…

I wanna do higher studies…

Blah. Blah.. Bla…

and my next question was, ‘What are the risks you have taken to achieve these level yet?’

95% people thought for a minute and finally told that ‘I haven’t taken any risks yet but I will do it in future surely(procrastinated).’

Perhaps I have inspired one of my colleague’s answer. He told that ‘I wanna help others always’ as he is a social worker as well.

There is no specific time required to help others and there is no risk to be taken to help others.


Risks are created by ourselves, not by others & we have to learn to avoid our own risks,struggle to move on another level.



–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM

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