Why ?? not thinking Happiness ??


Do you know anyone who was sharing only a happiness to you ??  OR Are you the one who is sharing only a happiness to others ??

People are very matured in their life by doing only @ work, not in relationship, helping others,hospitality and other good things. We used to meet a lot of strangers in our day to day life in bus, malls, theatres, metro, street, road,etc., But when you try to read their face by looking them deeply, all the faces are filled with some of sad stories & those are hidden to others.

I noticed some of difference between happiness & sadness which follows that

Happiness :- It is not long lasting and it’s easily getting away from inner body & the face is glowing only a short time.

But sadness :- It is long lasting and  never trying to out from us. Also we never try to avoid it, rather than we are trying to memorize our sadness  again and again until it affects our heart,soul,everything.,

Your heart would be free when you try to control you anger,ego & other deadly things on others. Don’t allow them into inside of your heart.

I conclude that, Life is twisted with happiness and sadness. Don’t allow your sadness to affect your happiness & don’t fill your heart with sadness.

Share more happiness to others..! keep smiling..!


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM



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