Pretty Easy..!

My dad heavily affected by kidney stone and had acute pain over the whole body of him. He worked in one of the oil company in gulf country. He went for work as usual to his company. But one day he was not able to do any work and got a severe pain again, So he decided to go to the hospital  immediately.

He had an appointment with the urologist who has done some of the tests and told that it was severe than normal. So my dad decided to come back to my home country for his treatment.

My relatives are aware of my dad’s medical situation and they were started to come to my home often to check my dad’s condition. Meantime, everyone used to give some  of the advice to cure this kidney stone and all the advices are unique and different.  My dad confused with their pieces of advice. Finally, we went to the hospital and had an operation for the kidney stone and he is recovering back from that pain now.


Have you guys noted any time,  “Advice which could be given by anyone by Free of cost”…

Pretty easy to give advice to anyone, But pretty tough to follow those advices.



–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM



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