Average Mindset(rOBIN sHARMA)…!

One of my favourite author is ‘Robin Sharma’ who gave me a strength to face the world effectively without any fear(‘The monk Who sold his Ferrari’). One of his inspirational word below,

Too many of us don’t set brave goals and then execute beautifully on them because deep within we feel unworthy. Our subconscious mind gives us what it thinks we deserve. And we get in life what we settle for. The reality is we are our own worst enemies, in some ways. We have the capacity to be a genius at one thing or another (with study and deep practice). But we sell ourselves a story of “average”. Then we install average mindsets and mediocre behaviours that create this reality. Time for each of us to unchain our interior brilliance, raise our standards, wire in the habits of mastery and do what it takes to live our highest nature. The world demands no less from us. Very best. Bye and out!.. 🙂



–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM


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