Win to Win…

If anyone asks, what is win ?? what will you say ??

Actually, we are celebrating one person’s LOSE by the name of WIN on another person.

Also, We never understand that winning is not permanent, it will keep on change from one person to another person. Loser can become a winner and winner could be a loser on one day.

One friend of mine used to say one prominent projection that ‘Life is a Circle’. This circle denotes all the people are same and there is no Winner or Loser, some people are running in front of him and some people chasing back of him, but you have to  keep on run, run, run without any END.

Have you ever noted our parents?? who down themselves for their children’s victory and they sacrifice their WIN to their children’s WIN…

So live a life without any dominate and treat everyone as a WINNER to someone.!



–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM

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