You use it or lose it.

I had a friend who is currently working as a professor in one college where we had completed our UG degree.

He always used to say one proverb that ‘If you don’t use your knife it will get rust and can’t use it again’. Although he behaved as a professor and followed all the college rules and regulation perfectly during his college time.

One day he revealed that meaning of proverb during our final year symposium. he said that ‘If you forget to use your adult life on right time then you should face many problems in your future life and you can’t get your adult life again.

If you forgot to use your brain on right time then your brain filled with false positive(rust) and you can’t use it again.

If you forgot to take care your parents during their old age time then you should not get recognized life in this world again.

and finally, he told that ‘please don’t forget to forget..! if you don’t use it then you surely lose it.!’

Great applause for his speech over the stadium.!



–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM



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