Laugh to Laugh…

A few days ago, I had a meeting with my small team , the meeting room was a very small oval shape with 10 to 15 seats. However we were 35 people including my GM, some people had a seat to sit and rest of them standing behind the sitting people.

GM had started the presentation about the changes in the organization. But we couldn’t able to listen to his speech as the meeting was after lunch (Getting Sleepy everyone). About a 15 minutes later my GM said something and laughed himself. I gazed my look to buddies (rik&ham) who were also laughing at his statement.

I just overlooked and started smiling myself as well.

After the meeting, I went to my friend’s place checked that “Why did you smile ? and what he told during meeting ??”

They simply said that ‘Everyone was smiling and we also smiled..! Don’t know what he said..!’

It was great meeting.. ! 😛


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM


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