Double minded person…

There was an incident happened yesterday when I had gone to ATM to pay my credit card bill. it had a long queue and much crowded, there was a person who looking for a change to $100 as he needs to pay less amount on his card.

Looks like he was an agitated mode and his face appealing nervousness, he hesitated to ask the change from other people in queue, finally he asked the change from one person who were standing next to him but that guy replied that he doesn’t have the change for amount $100..’ again he hesitated and shy to ask other persons. ‘Have to ask again OR not, Have to ask OR not….’ in the thought of oscillation.

Meantime, his chance arrived to pay the amount in ATM machine and standing in front of that and still he was looking back and forth. Finally, he paid more amount than billed amount for his credit card .

it’s a small incident, but we have the look at some important points/things ,

* He didn’t take the proper decision on time…

*He checked with only one person and not ready to ask with other people in the same queue[May some person have the change].

* He wasted much time.

*He was disturbing other people who were standing in the queue…

So from this incident, we have to learn that, Need to take the decision “on time“ with the “right decision” in your personal or professional life + without any oscillation thoughts…!



–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM



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