Express to Others but not Expect from others…

There was a story about a person one who has an ego-ness to speak with others and thinking that others have to come and speak with him and has an unrealistic feeling within him,  Earlier he was a nice person & never seeing him without smile on his face, but now we could able to see lot of changes in character & behaviour and always avowed in arrogant in his face & he is trying to hate people who were around him and the smile went from his face.!

But I have realised his situation and went to speak to him, “Hey  mag , how r you doing?”, initially, he was not interested in speaking with me and changed his face on other side & he tried to avoiding me again.

Actually almost 15 years, he was staying away from his family members from his school studies onwards,  he used to go very rarely to his home and meet his family members and sometimes he used to go for some functions and festive seasons, almost he had bond relation is not heavy in between his family.

And after a short silence, he replied back me that, I’m good Muthu, how are you ?  and I replied ‘fine..  thanks’.!

Meantime I have asked him that ‘Mag,you are not like before, you were changed a lot, what happened to you & is there anything problem ??

His answers was shocked to me, he told that “No one is trying to understanding me..& all the people were thinking about themselves only and be acting as selfish , I was so fond of my friends and our colleagues & I’m interested and happy to serve my friends & others and I’m not expecting anything from others like an object,gifts,etc., but at least they have to understand my feelings. I was totally lost my interest in motivating others, helping others, serve to others,etc., but the people were thinking that like I’m a comedian,innocent ,small boy, underestimating,etc.,  because of that I changed myself as an introvert instead of extrovert, I don’t want anyone and I’ve to “live my life for me only” not for others.. ”

I have understands his situation and told him that “hey  mag, come’on , because of that you don’t criticize yourself and don’t get demotivated & I don’t understand why other people have to understand your feelings??, they are different and they have different feelings and they have more responsibilities like what you have, they have to prioritize their schedule and to achieve them.! and I can understand that you have expected a lot from others and that expectation brought to you  big heartache, and you are right.! you can live for yourself first then try to change/live for others .!” and told him that ‘Don’t keep anything within yourself, if you feel that it’s shareable to others then try to share it.. get your heart relief & relax..!

and seems he is relaxed and expressed that ‘Thanks, Muthu.!’


Do not expect others have to come and speak with you first.. Try to go and meet new people every day in your life & get their experience and their opinions & the motivations.!


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM

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